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About Champimom

We're redefining the future of media.

Champimom is a fast-growing modern media company that connects with our passionate audiences through premium quality content and useful tools and resources. We aim to empower smart parents to make informed and wise decisions throughout their parenting journeys. We are currently seeking a high-caliber Associate Creative Director to cope with our rapid expansion.

  • Responsible for developing and implementing a variety of creative concepts and ideas

  • Attend pitching sessions with clients and facilitate insightful interactions

  • Work closely & efficiently with both internal and external teams to develop solutions that effectively meet marketing strategies and/or company objectives, as well as timelines and budgets

  • Oversees the design and production of all artworks to ensure the quality of all outputs

  • Mentor, develop and inspire team members to strive for excellence and provide advice to teammates when facing difficulty

  • Strive for continuous improvement through the feedback from stakeholders

  • Deal with ad-hoc duties as assigned by Line Manager

  • BA degree or equivalent in Art/ Design/ Multimedia or related discipline

  • Good knowledge of all the relevant Adobe Creative Cloud design and image software and processes.

  • Minimum of 8 years of creative experience

  • Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin

  • Hunger to learn about marketing in digital media

  • Strong sense of responsibility, well organized with exceptional communication and problem-solving skills with a can-do attitude

  • Opportunity to work in a fast-paced and creative environment

  • 5 days Work + Public Holidays

  • Professional Training

  • Excellent career prospects in the exciting digital media industry

We offer excellent remuneration package to the successful candidate.  Interested candidates please send us your full resume with current and expected remuneration package & available date to



課外活動|兒童學舞獅促進手腳協調、提升合作精神 3 歲可以學

16th January, 2022 | In Education / Extracurricular Activities

Champimom「香港父母首選品牌大獎 2021」得獎品牌巡禮 | 為家庭做足準備 鋪張更美好未來

建立家庭後,每分每秒,我們都會考慮到家人。能夠為家人的生活做好準備,鋪張出未來,是每位重視家庭的人的願想。Champimom 舉辦香港父母首選品牌大獎 2021,由全港父母選出不同範疇的心水品牌...
14th January, 2022 | In HK Parents Award

看「建」學習空間系列|學界泳壇名將搖籃 德瑞國際學校

看「建」學習空間系列第三回為大家介紹位於山頂的德瑞國際學校。巴馬丹拿集團建築師及董事陳祖聲(Joel Chan)表示這單改造工程耗時接近十年,改造後的校舍既地盡其用,而且設計新穎...
14th January, 2022 | In Education

新年2022 ︳賀年小食點揀好?糖蓮子大比拼!

14th January, 2022 | In Inspiration & Lifestyle / Style & Living

孕期不容忽視腸道護理 天然舒緩「便」安心

10 個孕婦 4 個便秘?!根據衛生署一項調查,有接近 4 成孕婦於懷孕期間出現便秘問題;更有孕婦受腸道敏感、胃氣、消化不良等問題困擾。孕婦要兼顧自己和胎兒健康,避免吃藥,令準媽媽不知如何是好...
14th January, 2022 | In Pregnancy / Health & Beauty / Health Care


當其他8歲小女孩在玩娃娃、辦家家酒的時候,同齡的巴西小女孩Nicole Oliveir已經找到未來的志向,她不但參加NASA的「小行星獵人」計畫,並且發現了18顆小行星...
14th January, 2022 | In Inspiration & Lifestyle / Inspiring Stories


由韓國心理測驗網站ktestone所設計的「顏色心理測驗」(Personal Color Test)在去年掀起一股熱潮,今年也順勢推出了2022年版本,測驗內容共有12道題目...
14th January, 2022 | In Inspiration & Lifestyle


「元宇宙」(metaverse)一詞是現今的熱門討論議題,不過令人意想不到的是,美國史丹福大學(Stanford University)更將元宇宙概念落實在課程中,全程以VR(Virtual...
14th January, 2022 | In Education

英國神級公立學校伊頓公學 知名校友包括威廉、哈利王子

伊頓公學(Eton College)是英國著名的私立男子寄宿中學,坐落於溫莎小鎮。不少伊頓公學的畢業生都是政治界和經濟界的名人,就連英國王室的威廉、哈利王子也是校友。...
13th January, 2022 | In Education / All Education

產後1000天|順順兒濕紙巾不同顏色包裝 分別在哪裡?

13th January, 2022 | In Pregnancy / Postnatal Care / 0-3 months / 6-12 months / 2-3 years / 3-6 months / 1-2 years